Another announcement

Today April 22, 2013 is the first post in a while, as you can see this blog has undergone a mini face-lift and were sure there will be many more coming, we hope to start fresh, again , recipes are coming soon and were excited¬†about them, we’ll try to be more organised with them, please bear in mind , we do more of the recipes done by the eyeing method in our family and I guess that translates to the blog, which is why it’s been tough keeping up with all the exciting food we’ve produced and coming up with measurements, but as far as baked goods may go, they’re more of a science, so you’ll probably see the actual measurements It took to achieve those results, maybe, can’t promise ūüôā

Again , welcome back, and thanks for the glimmer of hope In our blog that brought you hear today . Till our next post (hoping soon)- Azshab


Announcement (and a random pic)


This is what happens when you cross a student & good food !

Dear readers we know your all enjoying the recipes that we’ve placed on here and are wondering when’s the sideshows¬†recipes gonna appear,well the golden apple nuggets are right below¬†us and the other recipes are in development , we have alot to cover in them and we want to get it right the first time we don’t¬†wanna give y’all the wrong recipes so hang tight.but if you would like to¬† know immediately¬†; subscribe to us by e-mail and you’ll be first to know!coming up; Berber braised rib,chocolate bars,caramel apples,Salisbury¬†steak alternative¬†w/mashed potatoes,melawach,shrimp alfredo,shrimp pizza (scratch),cinnabuns,even look out for sushi rolls,shrimp curry¬†and whatever else¬†we concoct in our kitchen! we hope that we can actually fufil all those recipes with all the exciting stuff we whip out our kit !¬† but – we¬†will…. Er..¬†count on it !¬†