About Us

3Shabbi Berbers is the brainchild and virtual cookbook of 3 sisters or ”shabbi berbers ” whom created this portal to detox our kitchen\creativity and vent it here on this site, the name Berber comes from part heritage part psuedo-berber like bedouin lifestyle our parents have gotten us used to we’ve been to many places and know folks from many more and we hope to share every recipe with you all from wherever it may drift to us,we might occasionally show other food and such as content from across the web on other inspirational food related blogs ,though we’ll strive to keep 98% of our recipes our originals and if you should see a recipe from another link – know we may have just tried it ourselves. our recipes photos are in sideshow format so we don’t take up too much space and you wont have to go through 100 pages and only pass 5 recipes.You probably won’t see such things like too many updates on our private lives, with this being public domain, we’d like to keep our personal goings’on in peace. We’d love respect on that. 

Make em all ,Taste em all ! 

(Our intros,As of 2012)

The editor in-chef ; Shabbi berb sis #1 -Age; 18 1/2 the oldest shabbi Sis of the blog

I love to cook and 90% of the stuff you’ll see on this blog will be created by me (unless signatures prove otherwise) and original or too-multi inspired-from-all-across my life, nevertheless an original take. I’m a teen, but these recipe are for really anyone to enjoy!  And there’s a mixed skill level of recipes- see which works for you and experiment. I mainly enjoy baking sweets and coming up with wacky recipe concoctions and creating recipes that are hard to find much places around here.

The cook #2;  Shabbi berbs sis #3 -Age; 15 the youngest of our trio maxes out anything Berber/Bedouins style she’s the truest berber of them all-with the biggest candy knack ever! 

The garnisher (and sous):   Shabbi sis #2 -Age 17 1/2 :second oldest of the trio (back up assistant)- she loves garnishes and can make a wicked caramel,and has the Veggies all handled – and oaties in the morning are definitely her arena.

More to come…Later….. Peace

This is a pork-free.profanity free.alcohol -free.negativity free site.


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