The 4”S”Shabbi curry shrimp (Quick)


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This is the not so scratch {very shabbi} version of shrimp curry that anyone low on time but high on dinner inspiration ! too delish to dismiss !

Time: 30 mins   serves: 5 beautifully


1 med. bag of large  peeled,deveined shrimp (20-30 count)

no salt (there’s enough sodium in the sauce alone)

1 pinch black pepper

1 tspn garlic powdered

1 tblspn butter

1 diced sweet onion

Sauce (all used were pataks) {the scratch sauces comin soon}

2 cup tikka masala curry sauce

1/2 cup korma sauce

2 tblspn tikka masala paste(cilantro & lemon-based)

1/2 cup jalfrezi curry sauce

1/2 cup greek yogurt (add later in sauce @ end)


1 bag frozen chopped spinach


1 1/2 cup basmati rice (in 2 cups water)

Small flour tortilla

vegetable oil


1.take out shrimp and season with black pepper,garlic powder

2.start rice.bring water to boil.add rice

3.lightly butter pan.add shrimp.add onions.

4. after 2 mins .add sauces in list order half cup @ a time.

5. let it heat then mix around w/wooden spoon so bottom won’t stick.

6.rice should be done Add spinach w/yogurt to shrimp.bring to a bubbling.

7. cover shrimp.turn off fire.

8. in another pan very lightly coat pan.when hot, lightlybrown the tortilla.

9. add bread to rice then that order.

Enjoy we know you will – From The three shabbi Berbers !)


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